I love you so,
Mama to the prettiest princess in the world, Ella

Oops I don’t ever get on here anymore

Ella can sit up on her own now and can scoot a little, she’s only 5 months old. She is so incredibly smart and beautiful. Her two bottom teeth are coming in and I’m sad partially because I love her toothless smile and partially because she’s growing up and I want her to be my baby forever. We go on vacation in 24 days and I’m nervous and excited to see Ella experience the beach and ocean for the first time. Her hair is finally starting to grow. She gets more and more perfect every day.

Ella laughed yesterday for the first time and today I was shaking my head and she did it again and it’s the cutest thing In the world. It’s not a real belly laugh it’s more like a giggle but oh my god

Ella has been fighting her sleep since 3 it’s almost 5 she’s still wide awake I feel terrible leaving her in the living room in her swing so I’m on the couch watching her and she’s trying so hard to stay awake but the swing never fails and I’m about to die of exhaustion
I’ve had 5 bottles of blue powerade today this can’t be healthy
My house is freezing and ella keeps kicking her blanket off ugh
My eyes burn
Ella’s asleep now bye

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