I love you so,
Mama to the prettiest princess in the world, Ella


I’m on a lot of medicine and my iv hurts to type so excuse all the misspellings etc bug anyway last night I started getting a constant a sharp pain in my right side but I just ignored it cause I figured it was Ella kicking there well today on the way to lakecharles fr my dentist appointment the pain got unbearable and I started shivering and my lips turned blue and I started non stop throwing up and we were speeding so er got pulled over and the cop saw me and was like wrf let me call the ambulance (cause we had no idea where the women’s ad children hospital) ad in te ambulance the guy checked everything and my blood pressure and blood sugar were very low so he gave me an IV and stuff ten we got to the ER and they were like she’s past 20 weeks bring her to the labor and delivery so I got wheeled up there and then they checked my temp and I had a high fever and I oeed in a cup and they hooked me to monitors and checked Ella and shes perfectly fine but I’m extremely dehydrated and I have a severe bladder infection possibly kidney stones and there was blood in my pee and it’s possibly appendicitis (praying that it’s not) and my h pylori came back so after awhile they gave a high dose of pain medicine for my side because it was so bad and I’m on anti biotics for my ifections and on something for my h pylori but about 10 minutes ago I got the shivers again and felt sick to my stomach again do they have me more meds and checked Ella again and have me a nice warm blanket and now I’m good and fine I just have a crazy bad migraine and I’m waiting for my blood results to come back and before I can go home I have to be 24 hour fever and pain free so I have no clue how long I’ll be here :( me and Ella baby are doing good right now I have no pain and she’s kicking away:)

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